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ikTel networks located in the City of Niagara falls Ontario is an independent telecommunication and system provider. Created in 2008 to develop software but was later transformed into an isp and telecommunication provider. We are registered with Canadian radio and telecommunication commission mainly as a retailer of Broadband internet services.

We engineer the very best in the lastest telco technologies and legacy systems in a very intelligent manner to reduce overhead cost and still gaurantees high quality and efficiency. At the moment we are focused on providing Broadband internet in both dedicated and shared manner, in the mode of dsl, cable internet and fiber access. In the future we plan to incorporates associated technologies such as wireless internet, ip television, wireless telephony, video-on-demand and online audio-video broadcast.

We are also highly competent in system engineering and integration and software development. We are consultant in Open Source technologies, CRTC TPIA System, IP engineering, electronic engineering and software engineering.

We are opened to all manner of partnership and relationship.

Please direct all enquiries and correspondence to:

ikTel networks
7116-B Mcleod Road
Niagara falls, Ontario, L2G 3H2
phone: (877) 814-0275

Please note that the physical address above is for correspondence only. There are no visiting or office hours
Welcome to ikTel networks: phone: 1877-814-0275, Email